In a way

I’ve had my own quantum-particles-aren’t-solid journey.

I started with a desire to make sense of…


how movement works,

how motor skills in sport are learnt, optimised, performed.

I went to the source:

the brain.

I thought I was smarter than all the other sports people

because I was going to become an expert in how the the brain controls the movement others only understand in musculoskeletal terms.

But just as the quantum physicists set out to find the fundamental building block – the solid bit of material that everything in existence can be reduced to;

just as they set out to prove rationality, reason, material reductionism, science as the whole truth, and not just one paradigm or tradition of many;

just as they discovered a fluidity deep inside all things;

just as they discovered energy, interaction, relationship and connectedness to all things;

so I also went deep inside the brain and found an inseparability with its environment;

so I went so deep inside myself I found that I am inseparable from creation.

Unfolded. Reformed.

Jumping off and trusting the embrace of nature’s net of connectedness.

Any piece of writing is the result of an immersion in an uncountable array of texts and experiences. Here I give particular credit to Rob and Trace Bell (Everything Is Spiritual is where I first came across the connectedness between us observation/consciousness and particles), Willie James Jennings and Vandana Shiva.

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