Finding the rhythm

It’s Friday afternoon of the first week back in the second year of my PhD.

Thoughts and discussions over a very restful Christmas break culminated in a decision to start a regular blog, reflecting on my patterns of work, steps forwards, difficulties and maybe a little content of the research I’m doing in the aim of achieving a PhD.

The goal is to increase the intensity. By reflecting regularly, I will enhance my learning, figuring out what rhythms work best. The blog format should also help achieve two things. Firstly, tags and categories can be used to gradually construct streams and webs of interconnected thoughts and ideas, enabling an ease of access to old posts. And secondly, whilst I’m writing this to myself, I’m also doing so online; this creates just a little bit of an edge, or pressure, which can be performance enhancing as I explore my role as a public figure (however insignificant), and not just a PhD student hidden away in the lab.

For some colour, here’s an image of a mouse hippocampus using “Brainbow” transgenes to express different fluorescent proteins.

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